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yenstuffJune 30, 2013


Well I started a garden a few months ago and used a good layer of my own compost. This little guy was sprouting right away so I left it to grow. I'm not quite sure what it is, my roommate grew winter squash last year, maybe that? Or I was thinking maybe it is pumpkin, as we do have some pumpkin seeds in our compost. Any guesses? OR is it too early to tell?

Thanks a lot!

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zzackey(8b GA)

It is one or the other. Did you use heirloom seeds? If not it won't be a true plant and may taste crappy.

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I agree that it is one or the other. Last year, my kids threw their pumpkins into the compost bin (they were not gutted) and now have multiple pumpkin vines...sacrificed the compost as I couldn't yank/kill them. lol. Although I had to yank many because it was way too crowded, just planted them in other areas of the yard. They are doing great but have no idea what kind of a variety of pumpkin they are, but mine are definitely pumpkin.

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doesn't look like a pumpkin

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