How close can I plant oleander to my septic drain field?

slopfrogApril 22, 2013

There's a spot in my yard where an oleander would be just perfect, but its only about ten feet away from the end of my septic drain field. How close is too close with an oleander? (Not a dwarf.). Thanks.

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How Close To Plant Oleander To Septic Tank
by: Kimberly

Hi, Kimberly here from landscape solutions for you. Thank you for asking the question on your Oleander. This is a great question that has been asked before.

Oleander is a sub-tropical to tropical plant that needs good drainage and a fair amount of sunlight. The roots will spread, but can be suited for border shrubs and foundations. As far as being planted close to your septic tank and leach field. I would recommend plant the Oleander about five to ten feet away from both if possible. This is a safety measure to make sure your Oleander grows healthy.

The Oleander is a beautiful plant specimen but poisonous to humans and animals. One should never burn Oleander branches, as they are toxic.

If you have the space, go ahead and plant Oleander five to ten feet away. You can add some organic mushroom compost to the soil. This is a wonderful organic fertilizer that will last up to one year.

The best of luck to you and let us know how your Oleander does. You can also plant Oleander, depending on the variety, in a container.

Thanks again for asking the question and feel free to ask anytime. Have a great day!

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