columnea seed pod

kentuckygardnerMay 31, 2008

Just purchased my first columnea (Firebird). Noticed small flesh colored ball with 5 tentacle-like leaves attached to a lower stem. Is this a seed pod? What do I do with it?

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irina_co(z5 CO)


It is a berry full of seeds. You can keep it intil it gets soft and can be easily removed off the branch - an you can get the seeds and try to grow them.

Firebird is a hybrid - so even it is a self pollination - you do not know how they will bloom.

Good Luck


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harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)

I have been told this is the process to harvest the seed.
Like Irina said wait until it can be easily removed with a gentle tug at the berry
Using a white sheet of printer paper smear the berry on the paper to dry. Once it is dry it should be fairly easy to remove the seeds form the pulp. You can plant them or store them dry in the fridge.

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