Breeding giant Big Zac tomatoes, lets talk parentage.

slc00(zone4 up MI)June 5, 2007

Who wants to know how to breed Big Zac?

I have started a thread here:

Background: Big Zac is a hybrid, you need to have the two parent varieties to get Big Zac seeds. Minnie Zaccaria of Long Branch NJ bred this variety for competition. She reached sizes over 6 lbs. She later sold the rights to Totally Tomatoes for making the seed available commercially. Now only Totally Tomatoes parent company and Mrs. Zaccaria have the right to know how to breed true Big Zac. But maybe, just maybe, this thread might produce some clues or ideas as to the possible parents of Big Zac.

So, anyone have any other inside info, clues or ideas? Please participate in the thread above.

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I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure that that is the woman who lives next door to me when I am not away at school! If it's the same lady, her tomatos are HUGE! When I was little my grandma always told me about how she had won tons of competitions for her veggies. She was very nice and had very pretty sunwheels in the garden that I liked to watch spin when the wind came.

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If you live beside Minnie Zaccarie get out your spotting scope and watch the most successful tomato grower in recent times. No one has touched her....not even close. She is a grand ole lady and in my opinion the best grower of all times to date. I grow Big Zac every year. I get some dandies but never in her league.

Incidently the seed saved produce about 75% Big Zac and all the other crosses as expected. You can see the vigor of Big Zac in the early growth of seedlings. If pennies are important planting saved seed with careful observation is not all to great a risk.

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I want to get all set to try to grow a big one next year. I am wondering how everyone is doing so far this year.

Big Zac is a hybrid. For all the expenses and time to grow them I want to use the real thing. If anyone wants to split an order to save money, send me an email. I want to get and use the real deal Big Zac.

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Only Minnie knows for sure. All the rest of us can do is guess...:)

BZ never lets me down. Great variety!

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Tomatoes are a vine, a member of the nightshade family. Any vine that I know if can be rooted from cuttings and to the best of my knowledge, will produce a clone of the parent plant. I believe that the cutting method of propagating can be used with any vine. I know it works with other tomatoes, peppers and seeet potatoes

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