AG vine growth kind of a problem...maybe

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)June 26, 2006

So my AG plant is growing vines in every direction. The plant is very healthy and strong.

The first pumpkin it set went soft & fell off. The second pumpkin set, which I pollinated, was grabbed off by some varmit. Now here is the interesting part.

The 3rd pumpkin, which is not real big, but the size & shape of a NERF football, is looking good and is hard. But the vine it is attached to has grown on a tangent that has taken the vine w/pumpkin up and over a large 3 foot tall Shasta Daisy clump. So the pumpkin and vine are kinda suspended in mid-air with the tendrills of the pumpkin plant snagging the Shasta Daisy plant and using it to grow on.

I'm thinking the weight will eventually bring the pumpkin down to earth.

Should I just keep an eye on this or would some tendrill cutting and easing down be in order? I figure Nature knows what she's doing and might work this out on her own...but I'd like some input. This pumpkin is the most promising I've had yet in 2 years of trying...If it can just keep growing a little longer, it should then be big enough to have more than a fighting chance to get REAL BIG (relatively). Thanks deep

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wayne_perrier(z9 CA)

Deep_Roots: I'd keep an eye on it. Thing is, you really want a pumpkin that is nice and round at this stage. If it's misshapen now, it'll only get worse later and you can have all sorts of failure mechanisms, including the dreaded "dill ring". I'd continue to pollenate other flowers, and if you get one that is nice and round and "takes", then I'd cull the football.

What seeds are you growing out ?


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I recall I got some Atlantic Giant seeds from Territorial Seed a couple years ago.
Then I found a pack of seeds at the local Summerwinds Nursery this Winter. The seeds are from one of the big distributors. I was surprised to find them available. 10 seeds for 2.50$$ or something like that.
Had good germination.

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