Has anyone ever rooted a Michellia Alba cutting?

meyermike_1micha(5)August 14, 2013

I was wondering if anyone you know of ever has...

It's such a waste, a sin in fact for me to throw away such healthy cuttings thinking they will not root and not share them

Thank you


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I did it several times in springs. It is hard to get rooting, but no hurt to try if you have a Michellia Alba tree nearby.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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here is another one.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Greendou congrats on your cuttings i know its not easy to strike a cutting of Alba

Hi Mike i have only had success once and that was with these awesome airlayer pots! i am sure you can get them from where you are?

as you can see they have a water reservoir at the bottom and special capillary side to draw up that water! i have had a far better rooting development then with the old style air layerings

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Hi, Mike

I'm sorry that this is not about propagation but I have to ask you how you care for your M. alba. I read in another thread that yours has bloomed 3 times this year and that you had to cut it bought. Awesome!

I bought my M. alba this summer. It's okay. It has grown a couple of inches so far. No blooms. Maybe one bud but not sure since it has been the same size for months. It's in a clay pot with a potting mixture from Logee's.

Since you are in zone 5, are you growing it outside right now? Or, do you leave it in your greenhouse?

Thanks for letting me 'hijack' your post.

Good luck on the propagation.


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Words of wisdom: It's the desire to obtain another skill that allows someone to succeed. When success is found in failure we still learn something new.

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Potsalot, that is a very beautiful flower..Thank you..See you soon...

Tina, no worries....I keep mine in a very very porous mix comprising mostly of pine barkk...I must say that the roots LOVE aeration throughout and loved to be watered very often to give good oxygen exchange..I can't stress this enough...

Mines grows like a weed and is very vigorous...I am loving it..Yes, I wish i could root all teh cutting I chop off, but then I must keep it in shape and managible to bring back inside in the winter..
I keep out of FULL afternoon sun..It get either morning or late afternoon sun..

I also feed it a lot. My mix allows that without fear of fertilizer burn from salts which this tree is very suseptible to, just like gardenia's...

Hope this helps..It's loaded with bloom now and I will snap shots agin when I get a moment...


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If you ever manage to root one I'd love one! Been looking for this everywhere locally. You guys keep talking about this incredible fragrance!

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Thanks, Mike. Great tips.

Your garden must smell great. I would love to smell your flowers!


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Mike and anyone interested,
Look under Propagation Forum and search toothpick
It's awesome and easy, and I have a good feeling that it will work, if not for right now, in the future.
Very interesting.

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