Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Need Help!

towmatoeJune 15, 2009

Hi everyone,

This year is my first year growing an Atlantic Giant pumpkin, and I have had several problems with it so far. So I am looking for advice on what to do to get a big pumpkin still.

I have 4 questions that I hope someone can answer:

1. When my first pumpkin fruit came on, cucumber beetles ate all of the pollen from my male pumpkin flowers and I was forced to use pollen from my zucchini. Luckily, I think the pollen worked because the yellow pumpkin at the end is still growing and not rotting. However, does anybody know if the zucchini pollen will result in a smaller pumpkin? Or is that just over generations?

2. I did not have any room in my garden for the pumpkin, so I dug out a spot on my hill and just put cinder blocks and fence around it to keep the rabbits away. But now I think the blocks and fence are hindering the plant's root growth. Will this also affect size greatly? Should I move the blocks and fence?.

3. I was told that once the pumpkin fruit sets, the plant literally can't get enough water. Is this true? Or will too much water rot the fruit and plant?

How much water is good for the pumpkin once growth starts?

4. Lastly, If there is any growth beyond the pumpkin fruit, on the same stem, i.e. vines, leaves, etc., should I cut them off so that all nutrient flow just goes to the pumpkin?

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The pollen from your zuckinni might work maybe, you'll know if it makes past the size of a soccer ball if it works or not. Most of mine die off about the size of a baseball or soccer ball. So that should be a good indicator whenther it works or not. That depends on how close is the fence to your pumpkin? It will affect the size and the growth rate of the roots if the wall is to close to the pumkin or the roots. I water mine twice a day, they need at least 2 gallons of water a week depending on the size of the pumkin. Right now I have a 50 pounder and I water it twice a day. You can if you want massive size. There is a website called it will explain alot about massive pumkin growing. I hope this helps you in growing that massive pumpkin

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