Growers Outlet Flame Acanthus

opal52(z7b GA)April 10, 2008

I bought several Flame Acanthus and Butterfly Weed at Growers Outlet last week. Went to the outlet because they listed having Cardinal Flower on their web, but ends up they didn't have any of those. Flame Acanthus is supposed to be a favorite of hummingbirds. Looked it up AFTER I bought them and it's native to Texas, and they say it gets six feet tall! I was counting on the three feet height listed on the plant info. at Growers Outlet.

Have any of you guys grown this plant in Georgia? How tall/wide does it grow in your garden? Is it perennial for you?

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Hi Opal,

I bought a Flame Acanthus(Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii) last year and planted it in a big pot. It bloomed all summer and the hummers loved it. Mine topped out at about 3' tall x 2'wide last year but it was in a pot so that may have restricted it's growth. I'm sure it will get bigger this year since it is starting out that size this year. If you want to maintain a smaller size, I bet you could prune it in the early spring when it is just starting to break dormancy like you would a butterfly bush. Mine overwintered outside in it's pot and came through just fine. It has little leaves starting to grow from the woody stems. Come to think of it, I need to go out a give it a light pruning.

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opal52(z7b GA)

Thanks Danita. If its like Butterfly Bush, that's good. I keep ours pruned each year to keep it a manageable size. I'm looking forward to seeing how the hummingbirds like the new plant. Now if I can just get everything to live past this next cold snap :~:

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Opal, I just purchased several of ths same plant at Growers Outlet. Mine are in the ground and mulched well. Do you have any plans to cover them early this week for the cold? Or will they be fine?

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opal52(z7b GA)

Hi Blazepepper, Mine have already put on some tender growth since they were planted. I will cover just to be safe. They are mulched also, so I will just put a pot over each one with a brick on top to make sure it stays put in the wind. I'm guessing if the tender growth got zapped by weather, the plant would survive and put on new growth. Just don't want to take the chance.

Hope everything else in your garden does well in this cold snap. I'm ready for spring to come and stay.

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I have a Flame Acanthus I bought at Grower's Outlet last year. The drought and the fact that it was in shade part of the day affected its size, I'm sure, but mine only grew to about two feet high and wide. It will be larger this year, of course. The hummingbirds and butterflies loved it. It is putting on new leaves now, and I am hoping the cold this week doesn't damage it.


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My acanthus plants seemed to make it through the cold snap.
I wrapped towels around them over night on the last night of expected frost, but don't think we got any here. Now I'm waiting for some warmer nights so I can see them in all there glory, right now all I have it 6 inch tall green leafed plants. I heard they are vigorous, growing to full size in one season. Any experience with these?

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Where can I purchase flame acanthus plants?? Please advise

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I live in Central Ohio. Can I grow flame acanthus here? How much sun does it need?

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