phade(z6 NY)June 23, 2004

I am so [SIGH!] disappointed. Sunflowers were my favorite flower to grow. Last year I grew some nice ones in pots, and decided that due to a move into a house, I would try some from P&P.

I have one bed that is dedicated to the sunflowers, and I transplanted some small ones (Big Smile) along with Chianti Hybrid, some Craven, Hemkers, Kong, Velvet Queen, and Autumn Beauty.

They broke ground, and the deer got hungry. Ate all, and I mean ALL the younger plants, leaving only 5 Big Smile sunflowers. And they only get 10-15 inches tall. I am so [SiGh!] sad. Maybe I can salvage any hopes and try to plant some mammoth ones and at least get some flowers.

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raysizemore3(z5/6 N.OH)

When you say the deer ate them "all", does that mean they were eaten clear to the ground? I ask because rabbits did some severe nibbling on my Mammoths last year (one was missing any semblance of leaves), but the flowers sent out new shoots and ended up 8+ feet tall by the end of the season. So, if there's some green left, there may be hope.


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