is this a Bradford Pear?

maylandApril 21, 2009

Can anyone tell me if this is a Bradford Pear or a Dogwood tree?

I got it from ArborDay over a year ago (before I read their ratings on garden Watchdog!), and it was labeled as a Dogwood. But i dont think its a dogwood. I saw a Bradford Pear at HD last week and thought this looked suspiciously similar. It has grown way faster than the other trees ArborDay sent me.

If it is a Bradford Pear, I might yank it out.

Sorry for the big pics (photobucket won't let me resize...)

Fall color:

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Yes, that is an ornamental pear. If you yank it out, I'll give you something else!

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Esh, you don't want it then?!

Thanks for the ID. I actually have 2 of them (both mis-labeled as Dogwood). I suppose you get what you pay for ($10 for 10 trees!).

I will be pulling them both out today as I have all my new and exciting trees from the plant sale to put in, so this one will be making way for my new Halesia diptera.

Are you able to ID these other small trees, also from ArborDay -- they were labelled as Washington Hawthorne and Sargent Crabapple (although I am not sure which way round as I got mixed up).

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Yes, you have WAY better trees to put there.

The leaves are early yet, but they do look like they could be labeled correctly (Hawthorn first and crabapple second).

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oh great, those would be nice to have.

I found a thread of yours from last year with a great pic of your M. tripetala flowering (on the Trees forum). So beautiful!

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Yes, I was over the moon about that last year. Such an exciting event to have them flower after I had raised them from original small rescued plants.

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Mayland, regarding the pear vs. dogwood question - I forgot to mention that you could've ruled out dogwood just by examining the leaf arrangement. Your plant has alternate leaves along the stem and Cornus florida (and most Cornus species) have opposite leaves.

Just something you can use next time.

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If you wish to raise the pear to a larger size, it's a great wood to use if you're in to barbecue or smoking meats. Ever time I see one cracked in half, I take out my machette and get a few branches for the smoker.(needless to say, I always have plenty of pear wood) Other than that, they are pretty useless and quite overdone around town IMO.

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