M champaca in So Cal

nomadic(z8 PNW)August 14, 2005

Why is the M champaca so expensive? Does anyone know of any So Cal nursery with M champaca or M alba at least 1 gallon in size for less than $20-30? Ive called around and the least expensive is about 20.

Theres only a handful of nurseries mentioned in the posts.


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Could be propagation difficulties. That's partly why some rare grafted or budded trees cost over a hundred dollars in a small size. Or maybe demand is low, so fewer units are produced, making production cost higher than for something that comes out of a plant factory. $20-$30 for a one gallon specimen of a choice tree or shrub is not that bad, as far as it goes. However, with fall clearances on the horizon (if you have those down there) maybe you will be able to find one at a discount somewhere soon.

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