maid of orleans/arabian tea jasmine- does it ever set seed?

mersiepoo(6)August 7, 2011

I'm rooting a few cuttings for my one gardening friend, and I was wondering if anyone ever got seeds from their maid of orleans/arabian tea jasmine? I had set it outside while blooming to see if it would get pollinated, and no dice. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck, though it is very easy to root from cuttings!

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My belle of india is setting seeds. I haven't heard Jasminums setting seeds. surprisingly it is setting seeds.

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Wow!! that is awesome. The seeds looks like pearls.


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

That is soooo interesting. Maybe you'll able to get a new variety with the seedlings :o)

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Bunti, your plant is such a show off, lol! :D

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My understanding is that MOO is a sterile clone -- every single plant in existence is cutting grown -- something to do with different clones having different length pistels that are mutually incompatible. I guess BOI is different enough to be fertile.

Congrats on the seeds!

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seed pod on my MOO (13 July '11), it is now ripen and harvested, planing to sow shortly:

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Has anyone rooted a Maid of Orleans from placing it in water? I have one that I would like to take a clipping from to try.

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