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laylaa(7b)April 24, 2009

There was an earlier post on all of the Bradford pears used in commercial landscaping. I was pretty amazed myself at how many are out there - BUT today I went through a strip mall parking lot and noticed a Wendy's (fast food - know nothing abut the place) and their landscaping appeared to be natives. They had huge, huge wax myrtles, really stunning specimens forming a thicket hedge left natural, and a lot of viburnums. Viburnums were show stoppers in bloom. Of course I don't know what type of viburnum but think they were dentatum (sure looked like mine) and located in a spot which would allow them to grow full size. You could not help but notice them, regardless of if you garden or not. They also had holly trees which look like yaupon (darn sure about that one). Not a nandina in sight. Nothing was pruned into little balls or box hedges yet it was all still very tidy. They did not have major landscaping, just carefully selected plants, multi season interest, low maintenance, brilliant landscaping for a busy parking lot right off 400.

It looked really flipping nice. A fast food place of all things. Thought I'd pass that one on after the Bradford pear post. Someone out there is different.

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That is encouraging.

There is a Burger King in Alpharetta that has for years had a large stand of Fothergilla right out front.

Behind a Krystal on Holcomb Bridge Rd, there is a sheer cliff; since they couldn't do anything with it, it was left alone and has the most lovely fall color due to the mixture of plants. Love to go through the drive through that time of year!

Wax myrtles do get used more often due to their screening property and I always admire them. But a native viburnum - that's incredible. Which exit was it, do you remember?

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It was not off an exit, but almost to the north end of 400 towards Dalonaga. Up here we just turn off 400, no exits. I live nearby and will go back to take a better look at the viburnums. At home I have at least one of all native to compare as I wouldn't guarantee my ID on one for anything, I can tell what types it absolutely wasn't. Made me want to run home and fertilize my viburnum shrubs...and not fertilize my wax myrtle. Geeze. Big. But they had nothing that I knew was non native. The viburnum is the only thing that is potentially non native. Whoever did their landscape kept it completely simple and it works.

Yes it was encouraging!

I lived in Alpharetta and have no idea where burger king is. Tells you how often I eat fast food - where is that?

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It is the one on Old Milton Pkwy just past GA 400 - there is a gas station in the front and BK behind it.

Yes, I remember that 400 "runs out of" exits eventually.

Regarding viburnum identification, there is a good resource at the link below - look at 2008 papers.

Here is a link that might be useful: GNPS

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have a viburnum from Pikes that's doing well but never blooms. Does it take a few years?

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