jasmine propagation by airlayering

kandhi(z7VA)August 14, 2012

I tried 1st time air layering stem for j.grandduke supreme and it worked. It took 4 months for roots to show and today I cut the plant off main stem where it grew roots and potted it separately. Felt like sharing with fragrant gardenweb members so that they can try this themselves to make big plants. The benefit of this is you get good roots and have instant big plant instead of plant started from cutting. Select semi-hardwood stem for air-layering. I was not sure that I would be successful with this and did not take pics at the time of air-layering.

Process for air layering:

1. Materials needed to perform air layering include a sharp instrument, fresh sphagnum moss, root tone, clear plastic wrap and wire for tying the plastic The moss must be soaked in water for about 20-30 minutes before using.

2. Utilizing a sharp blade the area must be cut (ringed) around the trunk and then repeated approximately (1) one inch above or below the original cut, the larger the branch the greater the distance between the cuts, The area between the cuts must then be removed by cutting or scraping, taking care to NOT go to deep into stem.

3. Taking the sphagnum moss that has been soaking in water, squeeze out minimal water and form a square pad 2-3 inches wide. Sprinkle the rooting hormone on the pad liberally and form the pad around the branch or trunk. Wrap the entire pad with the plastic.

4. For me roots formed in 3 months. Once the roots have developed enough I separated the plant by cutting the stem off right below roots from the original.

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Bravo, bravo!! A job well done! And thank you so much for sharing every detail to help guide us into producing this wonderful fragrant plant.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Great idea, Kandhi!
I've taken cuttings from Grand Duke and rooted them in water however it took two years for the cuttings to really start growing.
Air-layering would be a much faster way to give plants away to friends. :)


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thank you for the instructions! I may try it with my arabian nights, can I use anything else instead of sphagnum moss

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Congratulations Kandhi.

Thanks for sharing this and with pictures too.

one question - Do you open at anytime to check for moisture level or once is enough.


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Thanks everyone on your comments. I think starting new plants by cuttings take longer to grow big. Thought of giving air-layering a shot and it worked.

fenius, you can try this for arabian nights too. The key here is the sphagnum fresh moss use because Sphagnum moss is naturally sterile and I heard that it suppresses diseases naturally and helps root faster. I am not sure what other matter can be used in its place.

Lakshmi, I did not open any other time in past 3 months to check for root formation. It always looked moist with some moisture in it,if it dries out then you may want open one end to spary some water and close the tie back. Since it is clear wrap any root growth will be definitely visible. I am trying this method of michelia skinneriana plant on a big stem. I will let you know on it's success soon.

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Thanks Kandhi.
I have a big Grand duke. I will try to air layer it, as my friend has been asking for a plant

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Thanks Kandhi.I will try it.

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Thanks! I'll post if I succeed

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Thanks for sharing your airlayering method.
How lucky you are that you can grow/ get such a big sambac grand duke var. supreme in the US.
I can't get any supreme here in Germany, so I have tried to root 4 cuttings I got from ebay about one month ago. It took 12 days to arrive Germany. Two are dying, the others are still green. I hope they will root for me.
If mine is as big as yours some day I will try airlayering.
Cross your fingers for me. Thanks.

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epioxi, Good luck with rooting the cuttings, it should work for you. If the cuttings are still green, there is hope. Rooting is slow and initial growth takes time but once after that this plant grows very fast unlike regular grandduke.

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Kandhi hope you have time for another question-

Do you cut between the nodes or at the node?
When I take cuttings , I do it just below the nodes, but airlayering?


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dl99, Node section is where roots start so I would go 1 inch above and 1 inch below to peel outer green layer of the semi hardwood stem. The whole peeled section has to be dusted with rooting hormone and wet moss has to be wrapped all around it. Plastic wrap has to be tied with tiebacks on both ends so that no exposure to air to dry out the moss.

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Thanks, that is very helpful.

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kandhi, Your wish has brought me luck this week. Last week I noticed that my third and fourth cuttings were going to wither and they were about to die. Plaintively I tore them out of the pot one after another. The third was definitely desiccated, but on the fourth cutting are some white roots and one white shot about 1/2 inch. I immediately put it back in the pot and today I have seen tiny green leaves coming out.
After two and a half months of waiting and hoping I can breathe a sigh of relief:)

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Hello Everyone,
Sorry I have been very quiet this year. I had some overgrown stems from winter so I decided to try my hand on Air layering technique and I am thrilled with the results. I left it for 3 months from Late April to mid July since I didn't want to disturb the root development. I put the plant out in the sun in late May. So I covered with foil .Thanks Kandhi for being my inspiration.

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