Gardenia Thunbergia

kasiecAugust 9, 2011

Hello everyone - any one growing Gardenia Thunbergia? I have one that is about 3 years old in a 5 gallon pot. I bought it from a plant sale at University California Riverside. It's growing slowly and is forming the shape of Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Will it ever flower for me? Any info is much appreciated.


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Need more info.
Have you changed the soil in the pot at all?
Have you had it for 3 years and it hasn't bloomed at all for you yet?
Do you fertilize it at all?
Why is it in a pot?
Do you get nice cool evenings at all where you live?
That particular gardenia is very hardy, it is what they use as rootstock for grafted gardenias, tolerant of many soil conditions.
You are in a zone where you can grow it in the ground.
Think of gardenias like you think of Rhododendrums, or azelas, they are bushes that love it in the ground.
With more info on your plant, you will get better help.

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Thank you for the info butterfly4u.

Why is it in a pot?
You are in a zone where you can grow it in the ground.

You are absolutely right, I need to put it in the ground. I feel so guilty that I need to put other plants into the ground also. Thank you for giving me the boot to get moving:)


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