Miss Kim Lilac

jekevanstonAugust 3, 2007

I am having a problem with one of my MIss Kim Lilacs. Branches are dying one at a time, the leaves on other branches are much smaller than usual. There are other Miss Kim liacs around this and they appear to be fine. Is there some disease that I should be treating, ? There does not appear to be any scabs or problems on the bark. All of the liacs are about 8 years old.

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Hello, jekevanston. It sounds like you could have lilac borers, Podosesia aureocincta. These pests and their larvae cause sap to flow from the branches (but not always) and may also trigger infestation by aphid and/or ants (because of the oozing sap). Examine the plant to see if insects with piercing-sucking mouth parts are present on or have already created holes in the trunks, branches, stems and leaves. If you don't have the confidence to make these judgments, contact a tree, shrub or landscape service to do it for you. While inspecting a tree, look at the leaves (top and bottom) and where branches meet. Inspect during the day and also at night since many pests are nocturnal. Also inspect the soil for sign of excessive moisture: insert a finger to a depth of 4 inches and see if it feels dry, moist or wet.


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Hi - I'm having trouble with my Miss Kim Lilac as well. The leaves are browning and even the newest green leaf growth appears to be 'chewed.' The entire shrub seems dry and tough. It's been in the ground for 1 year and some of the branches seem like dead twigs. All of the branches do have a bumpy appearance as well. Any suggestions?? I don't think it a water issue but I am not sure.

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Can you post a picture of the leaf damage, the bumpy appearance you refer to and the overall bush, liese? Why do you say it is not a water issue?

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