atlantic giant

Haus(ND)June 23, 2005

Advice needed!! My A.G. is growing very fast up here in ND however we have been having some hot temps this week (93) and I noticed that several of my leaves developed some brown patches or spots mainly along the edges of the leaves. These spots are turning into holes. They resemble spots that just dried up. At the time of the onset of the spots My pumpkin was still in it's greenhouse. (OOPS!!!!!)

Is this the result of the leaves baking with to much heat or could there be a problem with disease or an improper fertilizer balance.

My PH is around 6.8 and I've been using a 15-30-15 water soluable for fertilizer along with seaweed/ fish emulsion once per week. I don't believe I have had to much or not enough water. (This plant is extremely babied!!!!) Any advice would be appreciated.

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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

If the brown spots aren't spreading, maybe it's leaf burn from the heat. It hit 99 degrees here on June 23.
Are the newly formed leaves looking healthy?


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