buying gesneriads

carol222May 28, 2012

Has anyone noticed that most suppliers of gesneriads have few on inventory, and that many have gone out of business? What gives with the (relatively) small selection? Where are the new guys coming up? We need some young Turks in this business.

And, just a personal interest, where are Streptocarpus spp. plants available? Not seeds, plants.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Carol -

my guess with everybody selling on ebay for pennies - there is no money left in this business to make a living.
So - doesn't look that anybody is going to do it a full time job, we need to use part-timers - means ebay. A lot of hybridizers sell there - David Thompson is there selling his hybrids as well as other streps, sinningias and violets. I would say out of old-timers Judy Becker - "Lauray of Salisbury" carries a wide selection of stuff - and Michael Kartuz has some interesting stuff too.

Regarding the species streps - probably there is not enough market for them - only die hard gesneriad lovers do grow them - and only several people in a country grow unifoliate streps. I grew one of the Parfuflora hybrids just for kicks - and this thing grows to the size of rhubarb and takes the shelf - it will be probably some time before i get another one.

The rosette species are used by hybridizers - latest efforts to produce a small size plant used S. liliputana - which is extremely hard to grow.

So - seeds is the best way to proceed.

Good Luck


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Thanks, Irina,
I don't think ebay is pennies, especially for some of the more unusual gessies - competition is fierce.
I do love Dennis Miller's strep hybrids on ebay - reasonable price and a variety.
There are a lot of us die-hard gesneriad lovers, aren't there? I definitely want one of those unifoliates. Great fun to hybridize with, don't you think?
I agree, the latest thing is the small sized streps. Dale has done some great work on that, but she has also done a lot of hybridizing with the species. Maybe that's some time ago, though.
Did you go to the convention last year?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Yes - I will go to Seattle this year and I was in Philly last year. Best time of the year - Convention...

I think Dennis has several hybrids to die for, and the rest are not that unusual.

Ebay IMHO is not too much money - and unusual stuff people pay good money today - in several months is propagated and sold for 2.99. Plus you never know - my friend who sells under a nick "sally's garden" posted a blooming, standard crown variegated Russian AV trailer last week that hardly anybody grows in a country - and there were no bites. And if you want something large size and hundred of bloom - this is just it.

So far all my hybridization efforts ended in hundreds of babies to grow - and nothing to give a name. This is something for people with a great patience and unkillable optimism.


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Thank, Irina. I am not familiar with IMHO but I will keep an eye out.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Carol -

In My Humble Opinion ;-))

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