Newbie to Micro-Mini Sinningia

TheMorningStar(8/8A)May 8, 2012

Hello everyone!

On the weekend I purchased my first micro-mini sinningia (white sprite). It is my first time growing anything is this family besides African Violets (which I am relatively proficient at!).

I purchased it from the local Violet/Gesneriad Society Annual Sale, I was told it had a bit of a shock from the night before, it was a bit chilly but that it would perk up once it was put in the right conditions. I moved it into a small jar terrarium and have it in a bright location with little to no direct sunlight hitting it.

Since this is the first time with these wonderful little plants I would love any and all advice on how to care for it. Thanks!

Below are a few pictures.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I love them too.

My arrangement is also a similar vase for a terrarium but I keep them under fluorescent light.

What I am suspicious of - what did you use for soil?
It should have more perlite to be light and it should be about neutral PH. Soil that has too much peat moss and wood chips goes acid after some time in a humid conditions of a terrarium.


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I used the soil that the plant was in when I bought it. As soon as I can get to the garden centre I am going to pick up some perlite. I was actually a little surprised that it was potted for sale in this kind of soil. One of the violets I bought the same day is in similar soil so I need to switch that one as well.

I would like to find a small grow light system that I could put on my kitchen counter (I don't have a lot of space) to keep the sinningia's under.

As far as humidity goes, how much is too much? It seems to fog up quite badly if I keep the lid on (it's a little loose fitting, so there is some room for ventilation). I'm guessing the heavier soil is contributing to the wetness. Hopefully once I get the perlite in there it won't be so bad. I worry about rotting the little guy, it seems rather fragile right now as it is.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

You won't rot it - it likes 100% humidity. I just put a piece of a sticky plastic wrap on a top. You can put a layer of perlite on the bottom for "drainage".


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The White Sprite is such a cute plant. You wont be disappointed growing it.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Too many quarts for 1 micro-sinnigia. But otherwise just what doctor recommended.

Anyway - David Harris ( was selling a minibook on micro-sinnigias. The lady from his club self-published it. If you are interested - contact him and check if he still carries it.


PS BTW - Sphagnum moss - best is New Zealand milled sphagnum moss - you can get it pressed in cubes and reconstitute it by adding water.

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I cut the recipe in half for a large terrarium. The left over mix I sealed in 1 gal ziplock bag and now have ready to use mix to pot new micro mini sinningia`s.

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I am also new to the Micro Mini: I have read that in order to produce a seed pod the dropping flower should be used to pollinate the stem from which the flower falls. I thought the plant was self pollinating so if this needs to be done can some explain to me how to proceed. Thanks for any and all advice.

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Sprite is selfpolinating. To make sure on any mini-sinn, simply rub the tube of the blossom gently between your thumb and forefinger.

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