HELP!!! swarms!!!!

ccwilson(7)April 17, 2008

Is any one experiencing swarms of some insect; they are especially above the lawn areas. I noticed them 2 days ago right after our lawn service came. I cannot walk in the yard without passing through gazillions of them! Please help if you think this is related to the lawn service or if itÂs some hatching going on locally. IÂm in the Marietta/East Cobb area. Thanks!

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ccwilson, do they look like giant mosquitoes? If so, they are swarming here in Birmingham, Alabama too.

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Yes, they do. Something in between a mosquito and a gnat. They are not really centered on plants as much as the lawn area. When we open the front door, they greet you there but do not swarm into the house at all. What about yours?

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

giant mosquito looking things are usually crane flies.

little things that look like a mosquito or gnat sound like midges or fungus gnats to me.

i'm not an entomologist, though

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They do come into the house when we open the back door but they die overnight. They are so annoying.

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efam(z7b GA)

I bet you are referring to "may flies". Not sure about the spelling and it's probably not their scientific name, but that's what people called them when I was attacked by swarms of insects while walking through the grass.

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Yeah they are just now apearring in my yard as well. Not in the garden or beds but only around the grassy areas.
I too thought they were some type of mayfly... They are not biting and non invasive if you ask me. I don't know for sure though...
I purchased a praying mantis eggcase and will soon have 300 baby mantis or so and it's a shame that they aren't already hatched cause they would have a feast on those suckers.

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