Problematic Pumpkins!

tazdevyl1(z6 NJ)July 27, 2005

I have quite a few varities of Pumpkins growing. Big Max (most problematic), Lumina, Jack Be Little, Little Boo, and Jack O Lantern. I planted these back in Late April/Early May.

The lumina, Jack O lantern, and Jack Be little are planted in the compost area. The vines took off. And there are a lot of blooms. Shouldnt I have SOME pumpkins by now???? I'm not owried about corss pollination on those. But could tthe fact that they are planted to close together be an issue? I would figure that if they are that close, it would have a better chance of getting pollinated. These were all started from cells if that matters at all.

As for the Big Max. They are well spaced apart. Direct sown at same time as others. Had issues in the beginning, when I saw no signs of anything after a month. So I went out with mini shovel and moved the dirt, and there there were, hiding. I guess I planted the seeds too far down. ( Im new at this, so I didnt know to put it in "hills".) Only ONE of those plants has just recently started to vine.

As for organic matter, I'm using the soiled rabbit litter. (5 bunnies and corn cob litter.) If anything else..Ive never seen the dirt over there look as good as it does now. As well as some grass clippings. Everything gets watered at least twice a day.

Any ideas? Or am I just getting way to impatient??

As for pollenating them myself, its nearly impossible. As the only time the blooms are open is very early morning, and I have to go to work. And by the time I get home, they are either closed or have fallen off. Also it appears as tho on ALL my fruits and veggies, I only have male blossoms??



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douglas14(z3/4 MN)

Male blossoms usually come first, the females usually start opening a couple weeks, or so, later. If you have bees around, they should take care of the pollinating for you.


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