Which type to get?

MELANIE75(6)May 24, 2004

I'm new to the gesneriad forum. I usually hang out at the African Violet forum but decided to visit here today. I was wondering, what kind of gesneriad would you guys recommend I get? Currently I don't have any and would like to get one to display with the two violets I have at work.



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komi(z7/8 DC)

Well, I think Episcias go very well with AVs because they are mostly foliage plants (at least I prefer them that way). If you want more flowers, Sinningias and Streptocarpus are other popular ones. There's a huge range, though - you can browse a bit at the linked page.

P.S. If you want any Chirita tamiana seedlings or Rio das Pedras seeds (a micro mini Sinningia), send me an email.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gesneriads.ca Genera page

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You only want to get one?

You might like Kohlerias, for their bell-like flowers. One of my favorites is K. 'Longwood', which blooms profusely, but it is taller than an AV.

I also like hanging plants, such as Aeschynanthus Radicans and Nematanthus 'Stoplight'.

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Hi Melanie,

One of my favorite gesnariads are columneas. I have one called early bird. It blooms almost constantly.


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I think that some of the Chirita's may be good for growing at work.... the Episcia's like a lot of humidity and the columnea's look best in a basket *I have Early Bird also and love it* The Kohleria's can be not too pretty if not given enough light, It would be helpful to know the conditions you grow in at work....


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Thanks for all the responses.

Questions: Where can I purchase any of these? Is it by mail order only?
(I still need to browse the link from Komi.)
Also, at work the environment is kept pretty constant. I wish I had a thermometer to measure the exact temperature. The two AV's I have are flourishing here. They get plenty of artificial light.

This is a great hobby isn't it, keeping plants. I find it very calming and relaxing to do.

Thanks everyone

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komi(z7/8 DC)

Melanie - local nurseries/garden centers should have some unnamed ones, most like with common name tags. Also, places like Home Depot and Lowes sometimes have some. Another source might be local gesneriad or african violet societies. Otherwise, online is the best place to go.

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