how can you get huge potatoes

hugematergrowerJuly 6, 2007

I guess potatoes aren't popular since i have found little info on the subject but here's what i have found and done so far.

seed piece size is directly related to potato size small individual eyed seed piece is supposed to yield scant few but extra large potatoes.

Kennebec is supposed to get the largest.

potatoes thrive in horse manure.

one eye to a hill

supply extra calcium i did this with bone and blood meal at planting.

the plants will be flowering in a week or two but i hilled them this year instead of mulching with leaves and straw because i had too many green ones. I haven't given any supplementary fertilizer yet and rain along with the moisture retention of horse manure has kept them moist

last year with standard 3 eyes to a hill yielded nice double fist size any fertilizer tips or techniques would be appreciated scab is not a concern since i'm not selling them

but hollow heart wouldn't be good. i never had either last year and used an 8-32-16 banded fertilizer at planting but don't think it did much since this year's stand is about the same with the bone and blood meal. i'm trying to go organic but im not against inorganic if it's neccessary

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they reason you have had hard time finding info on giant potatoes is the fact that potatoes are hard to grow to big size do to there a lack of champion that has promoted the effort.

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thanks for A RESPONSE i guess i'll have to keep everyone updated on progress. The row I planted with perfect size seed pieces has the strongest plants around 6 inches taller than the small one eyed seed pieces perfect size is a little smaller than an egg. of course this won't guarantee what lies beneath. I heard of a guy who owned a sawmill and scraped away the saw dust from a very old pile and planted in the black residue left. Apparrently the tops were not very large but he had a super heavy yield of potatoes. I am new to this forum so where does everyone think i should post my info.

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Good a place as any to post. I know a few folks who go for 2+ lb potatoes. In addition to good climate and good rich soil, they cull to one plant in the hill and space the hills 18 inches apart. Big takes space. Most use Kennebecs, although some of the Russets will also get big.

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Glad to have another agree Kennebecs get the biggest.
Iwent with 2 ft between plants and an average of 30 inches between rows.
I also went with 1 eye per hill. 1 row is left overs from last year with long eyes. I carefully planted them so the tips were about an inch below the surface. 1 row is perfect size one eyed seed pieces (the tallest and chunkiest) another 1 row is cut small one eyed seed pieces and one row is a mixture companion planted with green beans which i heard bugs would avoid but they don't. as well 1 planted 2 rows 3 pieces to a hill. 1 part row i planted say 6 inches apart in the hopes of an abundance of stew size potatoes.
when i get time i'll also post my methods and results for giant carrots and giant better boy tomatoes.

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There is a place in Albion ,Maine and another in Oregon . that have vaieties that sometimes grow "lunkers" that are around 6 pounds each . Check them out and go ( or grow)from there .

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The biggest potatoes I have ever got were Red Pontiacs. They were about 1.5 pounds. I have had some pretty big Kennebecs, though. I don't know much about fertilizing, we just plant and usually add mushroom compost or horse manure when getting the soil ready.

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Has anyone ever tried grafting a cherry tomato plant to a kennebec variety of potato in order to produce the worlds largest potato? I imagine since I've seen tomato-potatoes grown with patio-type tomatoes and red pontiacs, that maybe it's also possible with kennebecs and cherry tomatoes. Now in theory it would grow, but the plant would be competing for energy between the tomatoes and the potatoes, UNLESS you pinch the fruit set to allow for maybe a few gigantic potatoes if attached to say a 15ft. tall tomato plant (like the ones I grew this year)? Thoughts Anyone???

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do you know of any specific varieties that throw lunkers most frequently?

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