Streptocarpus - limp leaves!

Claire_W(6)May 23, 2009

Hi all

My "Aweena" is healthy looking and most of it's leaves are perky, but some of the lower leaves are partially limp. Only 3 or 4 of the leaves are like this, they are mature leaves and the 1/3 of the leaf close to the base is ok, it's the other 2/3 is affected. I repotted the plant last weekend hoping that might help, and I inspected the roots and soil wondering if something might be visible, vine weevil larvae or something but no, all seemed ok.

I'm generally good with houseplants but not an expert on Streptocarpus, is this a symptom of a typical problem that perhaps somebody could shed some light on? Any ideas would be gratefully received, thanks in advance!

PS this plant is about 2 years old, which I bought as a very small plug plant and grew on, it's been happy up until recently . . . .

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irina_co(z5 CO)


reduce the water. They need to be very dry before you water again. I water when they start looking a bit limp.

Since it is 2 years old - it should be a large plant. I think they do not bloom well if they are that old. It is a time to disassemble the plant, cut the wedges with new offshoots for potting and toss old tired overgrown part.

If you grow Iris in a garden - you know what I mean. Divide, trash an old center, replant new growth.


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Thanks Irina, I will leave it to get nice and dry; from the sound of it I should not have repotted but should have cut it up. I did try and separate one of the offshoots but it didn't want to come, so I left it. Should have been more surgical I think! Will give that a go. Cheers!

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