what do you feed your pumpkin

englishcombenews(uk ba2)July 19, 2005

hi im rich,can anyone tell me the best way of feeding an atlantic giant pumpkin,also folier feed and where to go for these products and any tips on growing them big.thankyou

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rainydays(4 WI)

We start out with feeding the soil. Plenty of leaves, manure and compost to increase the organic content. Then for the plants we like to go organic with a foliar of 2 ounces Fish and Kelp, 2 ounces Molasses, and 1 ounce Calcium Chelate or Calcium Nitrate per gallon of water. Sprayed twice weekly.

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Maxpower(5 MA.)

Milk of course!! lol only kidding!!

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Well, since you're rich...Id say hire someone to do it while you sip a beer in an easychair. Thats the best way.

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klavier(Z7 Baltimore)

I probably am not doing it right, but I have gotten over two hundred pounds of growth since August 5th when I pollinated mine (yeah, I know I am very late) I have been fertilizing with everything mixed together. If you add the numbers together of what I fertilize with it looks something like: 27-85-43, and I do this twice a week. They are water soluble so I just water the plant. I am kind of behind the curve. My plant got some kind of vine borer that set it back a month and then the deer cut it down so that it didn't get a good start. I also only started fertilizing the second to last week of July in which I was using somehting like a 30-10-10 to get some foliage growth going. I then went to the superbloom stuff (12-55-6)after pollinating the pumpkin to strengthen the roots for the long haul. Realizing the pumpkin would never have a chance I decided to mix all of the fertilizers together and go for it. Suprisingly the pumpkin has been doing some incredible growth. I would have to estimate it is 250 pounds now in a little over a months time. The roots are incredible though, they look like something I would use to tie a boat to a dock. I may do the same type of fertilizing next year midway in the season. From what I have read it seems once the fruit is set you want to go for something high in Potassium. Good luck and have fun.

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