Want to try Clementis?

thonotoroseApril 27, 2012

Head's up, Aldi has three everblooming types for five each. I got mine.

FYI, Tina (Aroidgardener) has had one going in Plant City for three years.

They need cool feet so use lots of mulch.


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There is a native one, clematis crispa, that I grew from seed that has done well for me even in S. FL. The flower is different then the clematis we normally think of, but I like it. It reminds me of a bell. :o)

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aroidgardener(9b/central FL)

I'll have to try that one, katkin. I love vines.

Thanks for the info Veronica. I headed right up there and bought the light pink one.

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I have it growing wild here, also called Pine Hyacinth. I love it, but I always thought the domestic kind was not very good for Florida. I saw some at Lowes and didn't bother getting it because I didn't think it would last.

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aroidgardener(9b/central FL)

Rita, I have one with light blue flowers that is making it. There is also someone in South Florida, that has posted a few times, that has beautiful Clematis and roses. It's a matter of finding the right plants, I guess. The roots have to be shaded. I'm not sure mulch alone will do it. My Clematis roots are behind a stone bed wall and shaded by a Verbena.

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I have grown clematis for a few years here in orlando, I have four different varieties ( the same kinds like they grow up north) The only issues I seem to have are when to prune b.c you cannot follow the traditional schedule since they don't rest like they do in cooler climates, I have mine in containers with mulch over their roots.

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