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whimsicalgardenerAugust 6, 2007

I have rooted cuttings from a Chinese Wisteria, and would like to start several standards. I understand that wisteria does not like to be transplanted. Is it ok to start them in a large container, or should I graduate the sizes?

If I plant them in small pots to get them started, can I bring them in for the winter ????

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I have a 'regular' wisteria that I had transplanted, and it seems to be doing fine, I always hear they are hard to kill. Never grew them in pots, however.

I'm sure you could bring them inside for winter, would you bring them in before they are dormant? They are a southern 'weed' from what I hear, they probably can live inside, but never tried that. HTH.

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If you're not putting them in the ground, you need a container that's the right size for the size of the cutting, otherwise you might get root rot.

In order to grow well, wisteria chinesis needs a cold period of winter; if you bring it into the average home, it'll be too warm and try to keep growing, which will weaken the plant. Can you find or build a cold frame, or do you have a protected spot like an unheated garage where you can park 'em for the winter? That would be the best way to keep them until spring planting.

Even though they're fast growing, it will take years before you get a tree-sized standard, but sometimes the wait makes it more worthwhile!


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hi, I bought a small wisteria last summer because i want to try and grow it as a bonsai. when winter came, i buried the pot with the plant in it at the side of the house: this spring when i dug it up it is fine and going well in its pot. i will bury it again this fall. i am in zone 5. this past winter, we had very strange weather: freeze then thaw cycle several times: as a result I lost several rose bushes and all my 3 rose trees. but this little wisteria survived.


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