Time of day for fragrance?

mehitabel(z6 MO)August 18, 2010

Hi, all. This morning a flower opened on my tiny new Jasmine sambac 'Mysore Mulli'. It was sooo fragrant. This evening, nothing. Is this one fragrant only in the morning, or did the little thing just exhaust itself?

I'm wondering if anybody has noticed time of day limits on fragrances for certain plants, and hoping if you have you'll share that information here.

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The flower opens late night, and is fragrant through the night and early morning.It starts to wilt after that. Almost all jasmines have similar pattern with their fragrance. Each flower lasts only a day. HTH.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, radha. Nice to see you again. I didn't know they opened at night, so thanks for that information. Yes, it's sad to see them drop off so soon when you have only one or two.

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As Radha said many of them Open in night. This is what i noticed with my jasmines.
J.belle, j.sambac, j.molle, j.grandiflorum, j.grandduke open in night.
J.nitidum does not open in night, it looks like it Is getting ready to open but I see it open only in the morning with full fragrance. Too bad they do last for only a day...

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Kandhi, did you get your fragrant nitidum from Logee's? I had several years ago from Logee's and they were so beautiful-- the pink flush on the backs-- but I could never get a fragrance from them. Do you think it's worth another try? Or is there another vendor with a different strain?

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My nitidum was from a local nuesery plants not logees. I have seen 2 varieties of nitidum, the one with red bud seems to have more fragrant than one with white bud.

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