Breaking Dormancy of Sinningia tubers?

barb_from_london(6a)May 10, 2011

I just started growing species Sinningias from seed last year, and had some nice specimens of Sinningia eumorpha bloom first year from seed. They gradually went dormant over the winter, under flourescent lights. I also have some small tubers from Sinningia nivalis that are dormant now. The tubers seem healthy. Do I remove them from the lights for a while? Just wait? Put them outside when the nights aren't nearly freezing? Any suggestions on getting them to break dormancy?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

BArb -

I keep mine in thick ziplock baggies in a barely -barely moist sphagnum moss hanging near the lights. They wake up when they decide to and I think light is important. I see them sending shoots and pot them.

Some of them wake up in a month, some in a year, some never. The recommendation was - to leave a piece of a stem sticking with a last node - so you have an extra growth point. I believe it is important for the minis.

Sinningia leuchotricha is jinxed for me - never wakes up from a tuber...


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