Can I prune my Giant Pumpkin?

raisemybeds(SouthernCT)July 27, 2005

This is my question. I have a giant pumpkin vine growing on a compost mound. The vine is maybe 20 feet long with a single fertilized female near the growing tip. Despite precautions, SVB has attacked the plant (I have them bad in my area). Most of the damage is in the first 50% of the vine, with really bad splits/rottting/frass near where the main stem comes out of the growing mound. It seems to me that the main stem is going to break off entirely as time goes on. And please don't tell me about cutting the borers out of the vine blah blah because I know all that stuff and it never really works anyway (believe me I am well-versed in SVB). What I want to do is whack the oldest half of the plant, hoping that the secondary rooting that has taken place all along the buried vine will sustain the youngest 50%. Will this work, or not? Thanks for any comments.

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rainydays(4 WI)

You can do what you are asking...But if any part of the main vine is still green and living I would leave it. For our Giant Pumpkins we use Merit it is a systemic insecticide and will take care of all you SVB Problems. We Apply it at planting and it lasts for 90 days. Reapply it towards the end of July.

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