mini sinningia

breton(6)May 24, 2004


I have recently gotten into growing mini and micro-mini sinningias. So far they seem easy to keep ( had them for 4 weeks) and have been blooming happily. They have about 50% humidity usually. I am giving them the same light that my AVs get ( indirect from a south window), however some sources say to give them more light than AVs while others say less. WHat's the general consensus?

Also, my mini sinn ( unknown variety, but looks like "Leah") seems to have very floppy leaves today. Its soil is moist. Could overwatering do this? It is still blooming , flowers haven't flopped. Should these leaves be as turgid as an AV leaf? Also the pot it came in ( 3 oz solos cup) has about a 3/4 inch layer of perlite ont eh bottom.Is this recommended for all sinningias?

Any advice or tips anyone can give me would be appreciated, I haven't been able to find much info on these plants ( at least not compared to AVs!)



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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

I'm a little confused about your questions, but I'll see if I can answer at least some. First, I'd guess the perlite in the bottom of the pot would indicate 'Texas' potting. For best results there would be a line of holes in the sides of the pot about half-way up the perlite layer, and then you could put the pot in a shallow dish of water (I would add very weak fertilizer and Superthrive, quarter-strenghth fert. and a drop of ST to a gallon of water). This would also increase the humidity a little, which might help the turgidity of the foliage. I usually grow micro-mini sinns (may all your sins be mini) in a terrarium; they do well outside here in the summertime but tend to get lost. All my mini sinns are outside now and thriving. They do like a bit more light in a terrarium--which is automatically shady--but do fine in full but bright shade outdoors. It's easier to get good bloom outside too, which I'm sure is the quality of light, along with our very high humidity, which they also prefer. I grow under lights indoors, as I find it very hard to give them enough light in my windows, and they're also protected from the air-conditioning by the shelves.

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Thanks greenelbows!
You were rigth about the pot, there's a row of holes right where you predicted! I hadn't heard of Texas potting before, although a quick Web search explained it quite well. My mini sinn is not doing well now, although perhaps it is wanting to go dormatn for a while. Most of its leaves have shriveled, but it is still putting out new blooms... Does that suggest approaching dormancy to you? I have it in a terrarium, getting farily bright light.
I hadn't thought or putting them outside, but realize I have a perfect spot for them for the summer.....hmmm

thanks again!

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

Usually miniature sinningias will start new growth from the tuber before the old top dies off all the way, tho' it may get ratty. I had some I'd let get a little dry so I just put 'em outside, and perhaps thanks to the really copious amount of rain we've had lately they are in vigorous new growth. Sometimes they go dormant and stay that way, even tho' the tuber is firm and seems healthy. I suspect many folks throw them away thinking they're not coming back, but I well remember a friend of mine, not an obsessed gardener but an interested one (I'm an obsessed one) who put a micro-mini in a liter soft-drink bottle we made into terrariums at a club meeting up on the shelf when it went dormant. She forgot all about it, and was pretty amazed when she discovered it starting to grow three or four years later.

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