Does anyone know what the world record for cucumbers are?

dr_tomato(5)July 21, 2009

I would like to find a place that list all the vegetable records but in particular the cucumber. I bought some Zeppelin cucumber seeds and was wondering how big they can get.

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Try this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Worlds longest cucumber.

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Thanks for your link. That list the longest cucumber. The cucumber has 2 records the longest and the heaviest. I'm looking for the heaviest.I just got seed and was looking for this record.not much competition on this either,not like the pumpkin.

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mistercross(z6b Ozarks)

I don't know - that long cucumber looked pretty heavy. But that same site also has a page with the Largest Organic Cucumber at 28 pounds.

This Cucumber FAQ says the record is 59 pounds, Australia, 1988. No other details or picture.

This page of records lists the grower as Mrs. Eileen Chappel.

59 pounds. And you thought there wasn't much competition!

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59 pounds ,that isn't nothing I grew a 100 pound cucumber in my dream last night. It's pretty bad when you dream about growing giant vegetables.

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