Great Streps

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)May 13, 2012

Hi, All:

Been a while but I've been neglectful in not letting you know what wonderful streps I purchased from David Thompson's eBay auctions.

They are absolutely the largest streps I've received from anyone except Molly and Patrick Brennan of Brennan's Orchids.

I realize many of you know David and his hybrids but for those who are unfamiliar and/new to streps, his eBay id is plant_maniac.

There are "baby" plants and then there are David's "Baby Huey" plants. :-)


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Hmmmmmmm, I did a search for Brennan's Orchids and clicked on 'show with us' - says the ebay store does not exist. Do you have a direct link for us?

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Seller id is orchidsmolly on eBay. She has nothing up now but their orchids are gorgeous. I have several of Patrick's "Shenandoah" hybrids.

Web site is

They no longer sell streps, chirita or African violets. Just orchids.


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I'm a newbie here and to streps. I have also purchased David Thompson's streps on eBay and was impressed by their size. Every plant had at least one bloom and several buds. I've just purchased some streps from neils-streps on eBay, but I haven't received them yet. Lyndon Lyon also sells great looking streps that are good sized.

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