The most fragrant jasmine!

elreseAugust 8, 2012


I need to identify this jasmine, I got this jasmine plant from the island of Chios in Greece, many years ago, it is the most fragrant jasmine of all, I do not know the holticoltural name for this jasmine, if any one knows please let me know.

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It is called Poet's Jasmine also known as Jasminum Officinale. Indeed it has a wonderful fragrance.

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Elrese. Is your Jasmine potted or in-ground?

The flowers look so large. Are they? Opposed to other Jasmines, I mean.

Very nice. Toni

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The common variety of jasmine from Chios is Jasminum grandiflorum not officinale, which can also be found there, but when in Greece we refer to Chios' jasmine we mean the grandiflorum variety.

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Fenius, Do they have equal strong fragrant ? I have J. officinle that has not bloomed yet.

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I don'have either now to compare but I have smelled them both in the past and I think I didn't prefer one distinctly in fact I think of them as quite similar maybe someone who grows both can help here!

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Yes the jasmine is potted in a big pot, its about 12 yrs old and in the winter time I take in in the garage, I see there is a discrepancy on the name, a couple years ago I started to propogate it from cuttings, it is very hard to propogate. thank you for all the postings.

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elrese, This is a very handsome plant you have here. You did good job taking care of it. What kind of potting soil you have it grown in? I see you have somekind suppoort in the pot, how did you mount the supporting structure to the pot?

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Aw. I didn't see the pot in the first picture. Amazing..

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The potting soil is about half of decomposed leaf mulch, that we get localy, the other half is peat moss and some course sand, I fertilize it in early spring and summer with Miracid, and water everyday, gets full sun all day long, as far as the supports I use 4 4' rods around on the outer side of the pot and use twine to to hold the branches up.

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Hi Elrese,

How do you protect it in the winter? Are they outside in the winter time? I have to bring mine inside. And we always have Mealy bugs and spider mite problems. what zone are u located in? Sorry for asking so many questions! I have had my plant for 3 yrs and they have hardly produced any flowers!


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I bring it in the garage and set it in front of a window, the reason I keep it in the garage is to eliminate the mealy bugs and mite problems, my garage on the coldest days will reach about 35-38 degress, I water it about once a month the side that does not get light will dry out but in the spring when I take it out everything comes back.
I do not take any flowering plants in the house because in the past I had bugs galore, so everything goes in the garage, jasmines, gardenias, oleanders, lemon trees, bay trees nad all the smaller perannouals.

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I recently bought a Poet's Jasmine. It is growing with lots of new growth with bud tips but buds are taking longer to develop and i haven't seen any flowers yet. How often do you fertlize them in summer? Your plant looks so beautiful and i love those flowers and i grew up with them.

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