Streptocarpus buds

Jim409(z5 IL)May 9, 2006

About a year ago I purchased a Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Bunny Hop.' The plant appears healthy and has bloomed well until recently. Buds are forming but they do not seem to be able to push through the sturdy foliage. The foliage color appears a rich green and quite corrigated and feels rather stiff. My indoor conditions throughout the cold months are 50% humidity and temps 65-75. The plant is in a 3" square pot. Fluorescent light is variable up to 1000 footcandles.

The roots appear healthy and dense. Although the plant was repotted 9/2005 it appears in need of repotting because of the density of roots. I was lead to believe a 3" pot is all it will ever need but I am doubting that now. How large a pot will this plant finally need?

My indoor conditions are good for growing about 85 phalaenopsis orchids that do very well.

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

A 3" pot may work for some people and be too small for others. You can pot it up to a 5" azalea pot. What often happens to streps is that, after a number of years in the same soil, the plant develops a crown rot, and goes into decline. So, it is a good idea to always start new plants from cuttings. Streps also grow well from seed, with the added enjoyment of seeing the unique flowers that each seedling will produce. It sounds like you need to gently coax the inflorescence out from between the leaves, so that it grows up straight.

Anyway, what do I know?--I could never grow a phal. Other orchids, yes, but phals always go downhill for me. ;)


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Motezuma(z5 WV)

Hey Jim, I was lead to believe that repotting after 6 months so you can get some fresh mix on your streptocarpus is a good idea. If you need to pot up at that time, you can do it. I think most streps will do well in pots less than or equal to 6 inches. You can also divide when repotting to keep your plant(s) small.

Good luck! -Mo (WV)

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