Limp Kohleria

cmtigger(8)May 26, 2014

I came home from 4 days gone to a very limp kohleria beltane and rex begonia. I had watered them before I left, but I guess they dried out- the other two kohlerias were fine, and the rex begonia perked right up with a watering, but the kohleria beltane is still limp. Will it perk up in a day or two, or am I going to have to let it dry out and hope that there is a living rizome in the pot that I can restart?

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I would try bagging the plant. Use a one gallon zip-lock and close it for a few days. If the plant starts to perk up, then open the bag slightly and leave the plant there for a week or two. Just be sure not to put the bag in direct sun! Indirect light will give the plant a chance to recover without burning it.


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The plant perked up after a few days, I've also repotted it, a little deeper, because it's getting leggy, and it's got a bud. The leaves do have damage and I took off the worst leaves when I repotted it.

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