80 Year Old Gloxinia--Need Advice Please

BlueDaisy52(4 MN)May 2, 2013

I have a beautiful purple Gloxinia plant that I 'inherited' from my Mother-In-Law last year. It is over 80 years old give or take a few years. My Mother-In-Law has had this plant for over 60 years and she had received it from her Aunt who had it for about 20 years before that.

It has always been in an old clay pot with just regular dirt (see photo below) and has never been transplanted. It blooms every summer and when the blooms are done for the season my Mother-In-Law would cut the plant off even with the dirt and put in a cool dark room. When it started to grow in the Spring she would put it back out near a South window.

I am so afraid if I do anything different⦠I will end up killing the plant that has been in my Hubby's family for so long! I would like to try to propagate this Gloxinia just in case this plant does not survive in my care but am not sure how and when the best time to do it would be. I am afraid to repot it since it has always been in the same pot.

I would appreciate any advice on how to propagate this Gloxinia in order to keep the plant goingâ¦.hopefully for many more years!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

BD -

the time when you can repot it - is when it just starts growing - then you can shake off the old soil - and give it new. You can use AV soil - plus 1/3 perlite to grow it. Now it is probably late for the year - wait till next dormancy period.

To propagate it. Wait until the plant is fully grown - but not old - and cut the lower leaf off with a razor blade or sharp knife. You can plant it in a Av soil plus perlite - in a small pot - plastic yoghurt cup with a hole punched in a bottom - cover it up with a baggie - for a couple of weeks until the leaf will root - and the just wait until the leaf will put a new stem. At the end of the season - you will have a small tuber of a baby Sinningia (proper name for the florist gloxinia is Sinningia speciosa) - which you can store till next spring the same way you keep the old one.

I think it is a very valuable old plant - and you are right to try to propagate it. Sometimes old tubers go tired and die - but you will have a baby of it- an exact clone. Please post a pic of your plant when it is blooming.


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BlueDaisy52(4 MN)

Irina...thank you for your helpful reply. I really appreciate it! I sure would be nice to have some children from this old plant. I will post a photo when it is blooming nicely.

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This is amazing, such an old plant. Plants go in and out of fashion and this plant might be somewhat different from modern plants.

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Patrick888(z8 SeaTac WA)

It's amazing that the plant has lived so many years. You've got to wonder what its tuber looks like! One would think it to be quite large by now. (I hope that stake isn't driven thru the tuber.) When the right time comes to repot, if it won't readily come out of the pot, I'd break the pot before risking damage to the tuber. Congrats on having a heritage plant like that!

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