rjingaApril 16, 2009

Q1: when to plant

Q2: what conditions to plant in/spacing/watering/fertilizing

Q3: when to harvest

Q4: can you use last years untreated peanuts as seed?

I sure do hope that I can plant some for myself, we love peanuts, and even a few "home" grown ones would be worth the effort (I hope)

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Q1. Now!

Q2. Plant in sandy loam, very loose soil, amended with compost. Ideal pH 6.0. Plant seed in rows, 1-1½ inches deep, 4-5 seed per row ft. Space rows 30-36 inches apart. Fertilize with 8-8-8, ½ cup per 10 ft. row.
Calcium is needed for nuts to develop in shells. When plants begin to flower, add Gypsum at rate of 1 cup per each 10 ft. of row. Keep watered well during flowering, do not allow soil to dry out, Mulch will help. Do not overwater, as nuts will begin to sprout in their shells.

Q3. Usually when the foliage on the plants begins to turn yellow, they are ready to harvest. Dig with a fork or large spade, shake off excess soil and turn them so that the nuts are exposed to the sun for drying. Cover them during rainy periods or hang them in a shed or under cover that permits good air circulation, until the shells dry and become firm, then pick them from the vine. The nuts inside may still be on the green side at that point, so it's not advisable to consume too many of them at that point! Big time stomach ache!

Q4. All seed available now, will be from last years crop.
Some sellers offer them in the shell, others may have them already shelled. Be sure the seed are firm when you plant them. Check with your local feed/seed stores or call the County Extension office for recommended seed sources.

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Thanks starter and georgis-rose.
Interesting. I would like to try also.

Where do you get the seeds from?
Can I use just raw penuts?

What kind of yield to expect? 1 to ??


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shot(8 - GA)

Difference betweeb RAW peanuts and GREEN peanuts.

RAW is after they have been dried.
Green is straight from the ground.

The government requires all RAW peanuts to be dried down to 10.50% or less, but not too dry. Green are usually sold to grocery stores.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Nice information! We tried to get peanut seeds at the store where I work but they were totally sold out at Athens Seed. I think the peanut butter scare got to folks.

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Ok! I am not going to run around the town to find peanut seeds.
My question now is, Can I just soak the dry, unroasted peanuts and then plant them ? After all, most seed are dry.
Then why dry peanut won't germinate? Are they dried in high temperatures?


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