Makeshift Dome for Episcias?

leomonkeydivaMay 11, 2004

Hi All. Do you know of any "homemade" domes to make for your episcias?? :)


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

It depends on the size of your episcia. I grow mine in open air--no dome--except for the pink variegated ones. You could try a clear shower cap a Coke Bottle cut to size if they are small enough. I buy domes for about $4.00 at Reno Depot in Montreal.


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sherrica(High Mountain Desert)

Check out Pottery Mart or GArden Ridge. They tend to have a plethera of glass containers in various sizes and shapes at good prices. For small Episcia a covered candle container after the candle is used.


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I use the big twelve inch bubble bowls, we get them at Hobby Lobby, they are pricey for me around 12.00 but you can often find them on sale for half price, just check with the managers or the person who runs that department to find out about them, they are not always grouped with the same items in their sale fliers in the newspapers. You might try a aquarium that is cracked in the end or somewhere, they are great for Episcias. Good luck, Portia

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perlite(z6, southern IN)

I have a really inexpensive one I got in the fish department of a mega department store. It's plastic, but it holds in the moisture. and don't forget to visit that part of the thrift store where they have all the vases and the "gee, what is this glass thingie??" stuff. And most of my Episcias live in that old 50 gallon aquarium, as Portia suggests.

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

Actually, we were talking the other day about how to make your own. If you or someone you know has just replaced some windows it can even be free, or almost so. It's best if someone helps. Decide on the size you want, and you can get glass cut to size pretty inexpensively, have two each end pieces, bottom/top, and side pieces cut or sorted, use masking tape to hold together all but the top piece on the outside, then run a bead of clear acrylic caulking (like you'd use to caulk the bathtub unless you prefer white as I do) in all the corners. After it's dried you can remove the masking tape and residue. If you were making an aquarium, which is where I learned to do this, you'd want to use heavier glass if you were making a very big one, but there isn't nearly the strain on a terrarium as on a tank that holds water. The extra piece, of course, is the lid, and you can do several things as you wish to make it easier to handle--glue a wooden drawer pull on for instance. Make it up as you go along, and have fun!

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