The Man!! Bernard Lavery.

RuedeeJuly 14, 2004

Hey you all,

Has anyone come across Eric Shackle e-mail web page book. It has a story on Bernard's World Record Cabbage and a follow up on how Alaskans are attempting to break the old record. Not sure how to attach so just type in Eric Shackle and I'm sure it will come up, I hope. Take care you all.

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you are aware several years ago Bernard Lavery got banned from competion in UK. Because he was to good that knowone else had chance to win any competion he enter.

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Your kidding me? I can't believe that's how they chose to beat him. To go up against and beat the best is the only way to compete. I have noticed some shows allow a competitor to enter more than one lets say giant pumpkin or beet in his or her name. To me that seems unfair and selfish. I enter my best or biggest and the goal is FIRST place not 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Everyone is beatable and to ban THE MAN because they haven't put in the time and effort it takes to win is just ludicrous!! Is anyone else out there aware of this banning? I believe it was you Big Tom that stated Bernard was dead and gone? Can anyonelse verify this banning? Take care Rudee.

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if you want i will cite the news story i read it in.

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Very interesting? What do you think of such tactics? Would you want to beat the second and third best competitor? Would that make a win a win or a give me? What does everyone else think of restricted membership-limited entry? Is entering more than one of a kind giant veggie in your name Fair? Very Interesting!! Take care Rudee.

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rudee only one vegetable per person per variety or catagory is standard in most fairs.
in the uk they also banned 5 year old from competing with a giant pumpkins because of age. that and fact the
5 year old beat several older competitors.

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I know it's not everywhere but it does happen and it is not right. Do you think banning Bernard or anyone like him is fair?
We have a Giant Cabbage Contest up here and the family that has been winning it for the last 25 years is now entering their cabbages in their grand kids names. It makes for a cute news story you know look at the little 6 year old that beat all of the pros. Yeah right! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Bad representation of the growers abilitys and the contest credibilty. Juniors need to compete againts juniors. Untill such an age they can move up to the adult class. That's my 2 cents worth. Taker easy Rudee.

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leafbrain2003a(Z 7/8)

What age do you call adult class? Im 13 and competing against 40 and 50 year old people in a small competition. Furthermore, it appears that I have high chances of winning, without any outside help.

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Well, my two cents is that the person who actually grew it should be the one entering it. And yep, only one entry per veggie per household.

Oh, and geez, there isn't a 5 year old on the planet who can grow a record anything on their own as the primary grower. To the 13 year old: If you are doing the work and using mostly your own skill and knowledge, then I'd have no problem coming in second to your effort. More power to you! If a 'junior' or youth outgrows us adults fair and square, then they should get the prize, fair and square, junior or not. Youth classes are to make sure the kids don't have to compete against experienced adults, not to protect adult egos from being beaten by kids. I'd find some adult whining about being beat fair and square by a youth to be kinda weak and pathetic. I say "Grow kids grow!"

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Prizes, awards and ribbons need to be given out fairly. To many adults that have excess enter not only for themselves but their spouse and children. When in fact it was all grown by the head of the household. Taking sometimes all three places. Unfortunately that's why there needs to be a junior division. It's not about an adult being beaten by a youth. It's about keeping the adults honest and awarding as many prizes to as my housholds as possible.
4-H is a great way for kids to compete and learn.
What if Bernard Lavery was to enter his giants under not only his name but his wife and kids too? How many feathers do you think that would ruffe? As far as an age for the junior division? Maybe 14 or 16? Good luck this season with your stuff, Leafbrain. Take care Ruedee.

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Yes, there needs to be a Junior dsivision, but also, it is as often as not, whiny adults taking it hard being beaten by youths, heheh. I know that from personal experience when I was a youth beating the pants off the adults trap shooting. I've seen it in the competitive horse world too, and have no doubt "junior envy" rears it's ugly head in pretty much any genre where a particularly talented junior can compete successfully against their adult counterparts.

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