cmtigger(8)May 9, 2014

So, I went a little crazy with houseplant buying this spring and just ordered a bunch of new african violets. I also ordered some streptocarpus and kohleria. I'm curious if there is anything I should know about caring for the kohleria- will they do fine with the same sort of care as streps and african violets? should I keep them domed? How often to water, ect...

The plants came and I got one as a freebee too. So I have Beethoven, Beltane and Peridot's Potlatch. Healthy little plants.

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Kohlerias like bright light, and as with violets, do better when the soil gets slightly dry between waterings. My violets get fed a light food with every watering, the Kohlerias get slightly more food, one week they get house plant food, the next week, African violet food to encourage blooms. Blooms last a long time, and these plants are easy to grow, enjoy. :)

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Oh, good, so not much difference from the other plants. I hope I can keep them alive, they are so pretty, and the Beltane already has a bloom and another bud.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I wouldn't be drying them - the leaves can get ugly. I would say that growing them on wicks/mats or in Oyama pots is preferrable. I add a bit of milled sphagnum moss and coarse perlite to lighten the soil

The varieties you have do not require especially high light. May be twice more than AVs. If you grow your AVs under T12s fluorescents - these Kohlerias will benefit from 2 T8s. Usually keeping them close on a tray with mat - gives them ambient humidity they like. I am thinking 50% would be great - but 40% humidity will be good too, So - no cover. Just keep them together. As you know - Kohlerias are rhizomatous - so when the growth become ratty and long - it is time to shake the pot out and collect the rhizomes. You can put them in baggies with barely moist vermiculite - and in a month they will restart and you can pot them - close to the surface of the soil. Tips are easy to root too.


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