Kleim's hardy gardenia

erdolphin(7 VA)August 26, 2006

I had a landscape designer draw up plans for my yard and she put some Kleim's gardenias on the plot. I've looked them up and some sites say they are for zones 8 and up and some say 7.

I don't want to go thru a lot of expense and time if they won't thrive here. They would be on a southern exposure yard with full sun until about 3pm. Is this a good idea?

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They'll probably need protection their first winter or so -- wrap them with burlap, or make a chickenwire cage and stuff it with fall leaves in order to protect the foliage from cold and wind -- but they should do great; this cultivar's survived as far north as Long Island.

Also, they'll be susceptable to root rot the first winter; make sure they're planted with the rootball close to ground level, not buried deep, and that any mulch the landscapers put down is a couple of inches away from the trunks.

Good luck and look forward to next spring's blooms!


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