Sinningia Leucothriciha Dead or Dormant?

plantgrrl(7a)May 29, 2013

So long story short, I went through a bad bout of depression for two years and at the end of it, I was down to only the most abusable of my plant friends. It's been a year since then and my Sinningia hasn't even attempted to put up any stalks for the past two years. I am wanting to repot it and change the soil to see if it will help (the soil hasn't been changed in about 4 years). Will this help, or is it dead? I'm assuming it's just dormant as it appears to have no rot or decay, it just doesn't seem to want to grow at all with just water under current conditions.

Any suggestions on the best way to help my poor abused plant friend? I don't want to weaken it further.

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I would not think there is any life in it, if it has been 2+ years since the last time it had growth or blooms. Pull it up out of the pot and "feel" the caudex. It it really light-weight? Take your thumbnail and scrape a tiny place on the bare part of the caudex. Can you see any green, and is it solid, or does it chip away? These steps can help you determine if there is any life left in it. I have never seen a Sinn. Leucotricha take more than five months to come out of dormancy. Sorry... I hope this helps.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

I side with Karen - probably too long ...What you can do - is as Karen says - shuck the tuber out of the pot - wash it - and if there is some substance to it - put some barely humid sphagnum moss in a ziplock baggie, put your tuber in = and give it some light - not direct sunlight - it will cook - but somewhere where it is light enough. It will either send new sprouts - or not. If it sends - you pot it - if not - several months later you can chuck it. just make sure that the moss is barely humid - not dry and not wet.

Sometimes Sinningia tubers loose their growth point - and it is it - they will never sprout again. It is the way how they expire from old age eventually but sometimes happens to young tubers too.

Good Luck and and you need to grow something that blooms. IT HELPS!


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Sorry it took so long for me to respond. Yup, it's a gonner. Shame. I am growing a bunch of annuals right now. Blooming things do help. :D

Now if I could just get my tomatoes to turn red--when they do, Imma be in trouble! (14 plants--seven varieties and two of each--couldn't help myself!)

I'm going to college starting in the fall and my husband and I are starting to think about buying a house too. Whenever we find a new place I'm going to get my "weird" plant collection going again...make a bog garden and be sure the new place has at least one "bright" room for cacti. Poor old things! Now I'm down to two stubborn little madagascar palms.

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