Episia cleopatra

dtm1966(9a Houston, TX)June 11, 2005

Does anyone know a supplier who sells Episia cleopatra? No one seems to have it in their lists any more.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I was surprised at how many places I thought would carry it didn't. So I stopped when I found it at Rob's Violet Barn, an excellent place to buy anyway. Hope that helps!

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)


Most don't sell E. 'Cleopatra' because she's so temperamental and difficult to grow. A bubble bowl is a must in a majority of environments.

There are other pink and green varieties which are a bit easier. I have: E. 'Unpredicatable Valley' and E. 'Pink Dreams.' Both are in bubble bowls and thriving. I bought these two from meow2 on eBay and was thrilled with the size and health of the plants.

I don't plant directly in the bowls. I leave the plants in their original pots, surround with marbles and cover the opening with plastic wrap.

Hope this helps.


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My gesneriad, E. Pink Brocade, is planted directly in a bubble bowl in a mix recommended by Dale Martens. It is doing well in that environment under a flourescent lamp.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Okay, just to show off the advantages of withering heat and humidity--the most beautiful Cleopatra I ever grew, I think, was one I used for a ground cover in the shade outside. It's really hard to get that much vivid color in a bubble bowl with fluorescent lights. (It may have been 'Pink Brocade.' I think they are often sold interchangeably. They really aren't; as Linda says Cleopatra is more finicky, tho' not really hard in a bubble bowl.) And for the record, tho' I'm not sure it's terribly important but more a matter of what works for you, I grow mine directly in the bowl in sphagnum moss with a little potting mix immediately around the roots.

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Hi All,

I just found the synonym for 'Cleopatra' - guess what? It is 'Pink Brocade' which was what is given in the gesneriad register.

I am intrigued after reading what greenelbow1 posted and went to check on the register...


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