Gloxinias: tips on leaf propagation?

lameri(Zone 9, CA)June 10, 2007


Years ago I was able to do it right, but the past few times it didn't work, and I don't know what I did wrong/different? The only thing is that years ago I kept the pot (with the leaf) indoors, and the past few times I left it outdoors.

So yesterday I cut five leaves from my gloxinia and I put them in five separate pots. I watered the pots, but not too much. I left them in indirect light. Temperatures here are 65-75º during the day, and around 50-60 at night.

Today 3 out of 5 are looking good, 2 are not as firm. Anything I can improve? Should I water more? Should I move them inside the house? Should they get direct sun light?

Thank you very much!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Lameri -

at this point your leaves do not have roots so to keep them from wilting you need to create high humidity environment. If your outside air is humid - I guess depends how close you are to the Pacific - you are OK, you can mist them from time to time. If you are in dry zone, it easier to take them home and create a mini greenhouse - out of angel food cake container etc - but do not let the soil be too wet. No direct sunlight, especially outside.

Keep us posted.


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I have good luck by cutting all the veins in the leaf with a razor blade,putting potting soil in a plastic saucer,put leaf on the soil with stem in the soil and back of leaf touching the soil.Slip a ziplock bag over the saucer and put in a light place.Takes about a month or so.Good luck
johnin nm

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Have you tried to get the little tubers growing in a glass of water?

I have done that and it seems like they make the tuber pretty fast that way.


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lameri(Zone 9, CA)

Thanks, guys, for your input.

I think the problem was the cold weather when I tried the previous times. Now I have four leaves in four separate pots still holding on happily since I planted them 2 months ago. Two were outside and two inside, to see if it made a difference. It didn't, so I put the two indoors ones outside a few days ago. I must say that the shape of the ones kept outdoors is a bit more irregular than the one of the other two (originally all were nicely shaped).

Do these plants attract bugs? I say that because even the inside ones always had some small flying bugs. They don't seem to bug them (pun intended!) :-)

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lameri(Zone 9, CA)

Still doing good, yay!!

So almost 4 months after I planted the cut leaves, 3 are already growing leaves (the other one is not yet, but looks healthy), and one even has a tiny bud!

Now, my question is: to give strength to the little leaves, now that the new leaves have some nice size, I was thinking that I should cut the big leave. Is that a good idea?

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