Suggestions for container plants, please

Beopposed(9)August 31, 2012

I am looking for fragrant plants that can be grown in containers, as I am a renter. I have had little success with Jasminum sambac 'Grand Duke' due to me leaving it outside in Florida torrential rains. It ended up rotting, and I didn't even get to see a single bloom. I will probably get another jasmine, but from what I'm reading, some of the other varieties have better fragrance. Which would you suggest?

Ideally, I would like to be able to grow these fragrant plants indoors as much as possible, to enjoy the scent, but I don't mind ones that thrive outdoors (my beloved gardenia and celadine are a testament to this).

At this point, I also prefer plants that stay small, or can be kept small (as in the case of the gardenia). I just repotted my plumeria and almost killed myself trying to move the gigantic pot! I think I will definitely try repotting in something more lightweight once it goes dormant, or find a pot with handles!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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You can try all the sambacs to see which u like best; I grow three and the two smaller ones I still keep them inside where they have repeatedly bloomed.. I hope your plumeria is not in a ceramic pot, it really doesn't need to! You can also try different gardenias like the tahitian or the vietnamese gardenia (I keep them inside half the year. Another plant that can bloom inside is stephanotis..also, you can have pots of tuberoses and bring them inside once they bloom in late summer..These along with your plumeria should cover you for most of the year!From there, it's pretty much downhill to becoming obsessed like most of us and before you know it your apartment will become a jungle and it'll be cheaper to buy it rather than move..

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I think I'm already well on my way to an obsession! I have buddleia and four o' clocks as well and I am almost constantly looking for more yummy plants to swoon over :).

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

How about some hoyas? Hoya australis and H. obscura come to mind.
Or brunfelsias? Brunfelsia jamaicensis is highly recommended as is B. 'Isola'.
You might also like Murraya paniculata or Michelia figo.
If you pot your jasmines in a fast draining mix you might like Jasminum sambac 'Belle of India'. It's my fav for scent.
This is the wrong forum to ask since most of us our plant addicts. Laugh.


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Well, then this is the place for me, Robert :P. Thanks for the suggestions, I saw some hoyas at the nursery the other day. When do they bloom? I think I will wait til then and smell them at the nursery. They had sambacs there, too, but I got a camellia instead (I know what you're thinking -- traitor!). My buddleia and four o'clocks are holding me over for now, just barely :).

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Beopposed, welcome to our forum. Does your apartment offer a lot of window space and light? So many plants start small... the jasmine plants are wonderful because you can keep trimming them down so that you can 'keep them controled'.

And then you could work your way up to small trees like the Aglaia Odorata - which I'm still tempted to get... but I know I don't have the space for it.

Keep us posted when you fill up the window spaces. (Ah the fun ahead!)

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I'm actually renting a house, and I have A LOT of unused space (since we're renting, we didn't buy a lot of furniture) So I was thinking about getting some grow lights eventually if we end up staying here. I'm sure my husband will be absolutely thrilled about that idea! I've already converted the front room into my art studio, so there's no reason not to use half of it as a "jungle" :).

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uuuu! you're a painter too??

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Well, I draw mostly, but I have always wanted to take a painting class and am thinking about doing that soon... I originally started getting plants because I enjoyed drawing them, but then it sort of turned into a thing of its own and here I am :).

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If you really like the fragrance of the Sambac jasmines, you really can't beat the old standby, Maid of Orleans. That one will grow and bloom regularly indoors and out, in containers or in the ground. You can trim it back to shape if it gets out of hand, and it will just pick up where it left off.

Indoors, you'll need to give it a bright exposure--western or southern--give it time to adjust, feed it regularly, and it will bloom happily in those conditions as well.

I've tried Grand Duke, Belle of India, Flora Pleno (Arabian Nights), and none of them compare to Maid of Orleans in terms of blooming regularly.

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I second Maid of Orleans. Its fragrace is stronger at night, really makes the house smell good.

IMO, MOO is easier to care for than other Jasmines.

Hoya's are nice, too. The most fragrant is H. Multiflora, or Shooting Star. Flowers resemble shooting stars, hence its name.

H. 'Multiflora' blooms several times throughout the year. Toni

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Thanks, Toni! Can you describe the scent? Sweet, citrus, musky, floral, spicy, etc.?

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Robert, hmm, let's see. The scent of H. Multiflora is sweet. Closer to a citrus flower than Gardenia.

Leaves were variegated, but lost color over winter.

You shop at Accents, right? Accents is where this Hoya was purchased. Fred ships good size Hoyas. Toni

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Hi, Tony, How are you? I like a clust of shooting stars.. see the actions. Thanks for posting it. I might rethink my next year's budget... to extend into Hoya territory...How well it grow in a dim light in winter?

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Howdy, OG. I'm okay now, but was sick most of the summer. Hope you're doing well. Can't care for plants when one isn't feeling right.

Thank you. Yes, H. Multiflora has pretty flowers, and smell delicious, lol. Scent and shape differ from other Hoyas.

During winter, my Hoyas are placed in south windows, but you know how gloomy IL can be. No room for artificial lighting either, wish there was a way.

How dim do you mean? In a window and which direction? To be honest, the more light Hoya Multiflora is given, the better, espeically since they can bloom year round.

However, if light isn't bright enough, '2-3 months,' as soon as daylight lengthens, it should be placed in brighter light.
Also, if in too much shade, proper watering is very important. I allow soil to dry quite a bit during winter a succulent, although not to the point soil cracks.

So, you're going to collect Hoyas, too? lol. Hoyas are very pretty, and there are so many different varieties.

I want a Hoya called Sigillatis, but they're impossible finding. I looked everywhere...oh well. Maybe one day.

Check Accents...they have Shoot Star. Toni

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