AG problem

impactconstincJuly 21, 2006

My Atlantic Giant was doing well until about a week ago. The first two sets of secondary vines are turning yellow and some spots are going brown. The only thing I can think of is the Sevin powder I dusted on the plant. My only pumpkin on the plant is still growing, but now as fast as it was prior to this problem. What could be wrong. Am I doomned?


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We need more info....where are you growing? How big/old is the plant? Is there fruit on the plant and if far out from the basal crown(stump) is it? Is it starting on the oldest leaves and moving down the vines and up towards the fruit? and how old/big is the fruit now?

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I am growing the plant in Iowa. It planted it May 7th. The plant has a main vine approximately 22 ft in length with secondaries out to 15'. The only remaining pumpkin is around 12' out from the stump and is about 23 days from polination. The yellowing covers all the first 2 secondaries on either side, closest to the stump. The remaining vines and leaves are nice green.


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wayne_perrier(z9 CA)

How much water is it getting ? and how hot has it been ?

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