Large Flowered Episcias?

agrinerd(6b NC)June 10, 2004

Of course I enjoy Episcias for the foliage, but when I saw "Blue Nile", I was impressed by the flowers as well. Are there others out there with flowers that are just as large, especially in pink?

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

There are several in the lilacina/fimbriata group that 'Blue Nile' belongs to, but I can't think of any with pink flowers. Good old 'Pink Panther' has the largest pink blooms I can think of when she is happy--they can vary quite a bit with good care, warmth, and humidity. Ones I have grown like 'Blue Nile' are hard at least for me to bloom in the house in the winter time, because they need to be in a terrarium for humidity and then they don't get enough light even under my light set-up--maybe with 4 tubes. Outside in steamy south Louisiana in the summertime they're pretty easy. I think my favorite of this group is 'Chocolate Velour', which has lovely foliage as well as large fringe-y lavendar flowers. I did once grow a nice 'Cleopatra' in a large bubble-bowl with a fluorescent 'circlite' right on top of the lid, and I've been thinking I should try that with some of these humidity lovers--or maybe I should say demanders.

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Greenelbows, a what great idea about the circlite right on top of the lid. Will have to try it!

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greenelbows(z9--so LA)

After I wrote that I wondered if Circlites are still made. But the new bulbs made for lamps would probably work just as well--maybe better. I think the Circlite was not real strong. But it fit just right on top of that bowl!

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