tomato world records

bigtomatotaste(z7)July 29, 2004


1986 gordan graham 7.75 lbs Delicious Edmond OK

1976 clarence Dailey 6.50 lbs Delicious Monona WI

1975 Bowcock colin 4.50 lbs BeefSteak UK

1974 Charles Roberts 4.25 lbs Delicious UK

i will post my sources for this info later.

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Hello bigtomatotaste,
Are you growing any this year? What are the biggest you have grown? I think I will try growing a big tomato next year, little late this year. Your list above is missing a few names.

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adrianag(AL z7)

Minnie Zaccaria has won the NJ Championship Tomato Weigh-In seven times and has certified documentation that she can grow the big ones.

She holds the record for growing the heaviest tomato in New Jersey( 6.16 pounds).

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AdrianaG maybe Minnie Zaccaria has done what you say but as the title of thread states it lists tomato world records. 6.16 lb may big but it is still not and has not been a world record.

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mistercross(z6b Ozarks)

Guinness is always cited as the source of the Gordon Graham record, but a search at doesn't show it online. But a record for the tallest tomato plant does show up, 19.8 m or 65 feet, set by a fertilizer company. It doesn't say what variety was used. Take that you sunflower folks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll down to 'tallest' records

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well if you read guinnesses web page it clearly states it does not list all there records do to the huge number that there are.
Also the record in question is almost 20 years old.
Try looking in the guinnes book 2005.

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hey guys
the tomatoes in the soup!!
slurp slurp

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Is there a record for largest tomato plant that is not chemically fertalized? I have only used chicken manure on my garden 2 times and I have tomato plants that are reaching the 5 foot mark already. I was just curious. I have never really tried to plant a garden until this year and I am amazed at how straight and tall my tomatoes are getting. Just starting to bloom. Hope I have a lot of tomatoes this year.

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was wondering if anybody that grows tomatoes tring to break the world record uses biochar and if so have had any luck r noticed any difference.also have wondered if the world record was broken by a plant that was allowed to grow on ground why would everyone still stake seem like we should let grow on ground like watermellon or pumpkins and possably stake the vines so more uptake can happen from more roots.

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