Giant Okra

georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)July 4, 2008

Hi all I was wondering if anyone is trying to grow some Giant Okra this year, I have some growing this year from seeds from some that I had last year. So far they are doing great I have two that are especially interesting and should do very well in growing and producing large long pods. I have some others that are showing promiss also, some of the pods last year I let go just to see how long they would get as I had been eating quite a few of the smaller ones, anyway I got several that were over a foot long and bigger around than a half dollor. The height of some of my plants grew to over twelve feet by the end of the season. I normally don't grow my okra for show as I'm trying to develope my own strain, but I can't help on bragging on some of them. the two that I'm watching the most even have huge tropical leaves that are a foot across.

I hope that the seeds that I gave out last year are doing as good as mine are this year and that they will produce some great plants.

George W. Z5-6 MO.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I'd like to try your giant okra, do you have any pictures of it? Is it good to eat as well as decorative, or mostly grown for ornamental purposes? Do you still have to pick it really small for eating or is it tender as a larger pod? Thanks

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georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)

Sorry Sandy, all my seeds are in the ground, they are all edible and its best to pick the pods while small as some can get quite tough. Okra is a member of the Hibiscus family, so the flowers are quite nice to look at or you can batter the flowers before they open or add them to salads. Their pods can grow to over a foot long and can be quite spiny on some This year they are nearly a wash out, but I did get a few I have no way of knowing which are which you can try me again about the end of Octber for some seeds. i have one species that you can eat the large yellow flowers or leaves like spinach or raw in salads also.
George W. Z5-6 MO.

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lillieinal(z7 al)

good evening,
was reading about your okra. it sounds like some i have.
could we trade some seeds ? all so i am looking for some heritage german okra . would you know a source for it ?
the okra i have can be traced back a 1oo years.
thanks in advance.

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I got some giant okra seeds from my mother in law and planted them this spring. The plants are running like cucumber or gord plants. Should we stake them up or put a fence beside them so they can climb?

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